About Harsha Diamond

We at Harsha Diamond - One of the best CVD Diamond manufacture and supplier from Surat - India. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality CVD diamond and HPHT Diamonds. We are one of the few diamond suppliers in the India who manufacture engagement rings, wedding rings, diamond earrings, pendants and all of its diamond and gemstone jewelry in-house, from start to finish.


Over 1000+ resellers have profited from our services.

Verified Trade Sources

We have verified suppliers and drop shippers, to deliver product worldwide.

Profitable Deals

With having a good expertise in CVD diamonds we will provide profitable deals to our clients.

100% Certified products

We deliver 100% certified CVD diamonds to our customers around the globe.

We specialize in creating Lab Grown diamonds.

Lab Grown diamonds offer excellent value and more affordable than natural diamonds of comparable size and quality.

Discover conflict-free lab grown diamonds which have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined diamonds, created in the Surat using our patented CVD technology.
Our CVD diamonds are grown from the small carbon seeds of pre-existing diamonds. With over 20+ years of experience with Lab created diamonds, our lab grown diamonds display the same physical, chemical, and optical characteristics as natural diamonds, and exhibit the same fire, scintillation, and sparkle.

Are they real diamond ?

Yes lab Grown diamond asre absolutly real. just like how test tube babies have a diffrent origin but are real humans, lab-grown diamonds are exactly identical to their earthen counterparts, chemically and physically bith. hence, they are 100% real diamonds.

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