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Are you searching for a reliable supplier of man-made diamonds offering Lab Grown Diamonds? Look no further! At Harsha Diamond, we are your ideal supplier, presenting a diverse range of Lab Grown Diamonds in various shapes and sizes to cater to your specific requirements. Connect with us today to explore our collection of Lab Grown Diamonds!

Types of Product we Provide:

Lab Grown Diamonds

If you’re seeking a distinctive and special gift for a loved one, why not consider a lab- grown diamond? These diamonds are virtually identical to natural ones but are created in a laboratory rather than mined from the earth. Perfect for those who desire a beautiful and ethically-sourced diamond ring or jewelry piece. Additionally, lab-grown diamonds are more budget-friendly than natural ones, offering you excellent value for your money. Reach out to us today to discover more about our selection of lab-grown diamonds. We are here to assist you in finding the perfect stone for your needs.

CVD Diamonds

When envisioning diamonds, romance often comes to mind for many. While diamonds are symbolized as tokens of love and commitment, they are also a popular choice for engagement rings and other jewelry pieces. However, for those seeking something beyond the conventional, CVD diamonds offer a unique solution. Created through a process called chemical vapor deposition, these diamonds form thin films on a substrate. As they deviate from traditional mining methods, CVD diamonds present an alternative to traditional diamonds. If you’re looking for something distinctive and stylish, consider purchasing a CVD diamond from us!

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Are you in the market for a new diamond ring? Why not opt for a lab-grown diamond in Beirut? These diamonds are just as stunning as natural ones, yet more affordable and environmentally friendly. If you’re interested in purchasing a lab-grown diamond ring, contact us today. We are delighted to help you find the perfect ring for your fiancee or wife. Thank you for considering Harsha Diamond as your go-to source for lab-grown diamonds in Beirut. We eagerly anticipate assisting you in discovering the ideal ring!

Lab Grown Diamond

We at Harsha Diamond one of the largest CVD, Man made and Lab Grown Diamond exporters in India. We have 15 Years of experience trading diamonds in India and around the globe.

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