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Discover a novel approach to acquiring diamonds that eliminates the concerns of conflict and human rights violations. Lab-grown diamonds are meticulously crafted in controlled laboratory conditions, ensuring the well-being of those involved and minimizing environmental impact. Explore our collection of ethically sourced and conflict-free stones now available in Nepal. As a reputable supplier and dealer based in this enchanting destination, we offer a diverse array of options for you to peruse. Connect with us today to delve into the details of our offerings!

Types of Product we Provide:

Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab-Grown Diamonds Is there anything as enchanting as a diamond, the timeless symbol of love and commitment? While natural diamonds hold a traditional allure, lab-grown diamonds are gaining popularity. Dive into the world of lab-grown diamonds by contacting us to discover more about these captivating gems.

CVD Diamonds

If you’re in search of a distinctive and stylish alternative to traditional diamonds, consider acquiring a CVD diamond in Nepal. Renowned for their brilliant shine and intricate designs, these diamonds are bound to captivate. Reach out to us today and explore our curated selection of CVD diamonds to find the perfect one that suits your taste. You’re in for a delightful discovery!

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The notion that only earth-mined diamonds qualify as “real” is being challenged by the rise of lab-grown diamonds. Harsha Diamond, situated in the picturesque setting of Nepal, introduces you to a realm of unique and special lab-grown diamonds. Our extensive collection features exquisite gems, and we are eager to assist you in finding the ideal one for your requirements. Contact us now and embark on the journey of discovering the allure of lab-grown diamonds!

Lab Grown Diamond

We at Harsha Diamond one of the largest CVD, Man made and Lab Grown Diamond exporters in India. We have 15 Years of experience trading diamonds in India and around the globe.

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