HPHT Diamonds

What are HPHT Diamonds?

An HTPHT diamond is a real, natural diamond that has undergone a High Pressure High Temperature process to enhance its color. The treatment turns a naturally brownish diamond into a whiter, more beautiful diamond. Because the diamond originally was brown, the treated diamond is still less expensive than if it were naturally found with such white color. The high pressure and 2300 degrees’ Celsius mimic the temperature at the Earth’s core and is a non-invasive, permanent process so that the beautiful results will last.

The HPHT Process

  1. The HPHT diamond formation process begins with a small diamond seed that is placed into pure carbon.
  2. The diamond seed is exposed to intense pressure and heat.
  3. The carbon melts and a diamond begins to form around the seed.
  4. The substance is carefully cooled to form a diamond.
  5. The rough diamond is then ready to be cut, polished, and set into jewelry like a naturally grown rough diamond.
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Lab Grown Diamond

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