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we have a complete range of Fancy Lab Grown Diamonds any shape size color and clarity customized cutting is also available as per your requirement. Out lab grown diamonds range begin Start from Rs 7000/carat ($94/Carat) LB / LC / white/ natts, +2 to -10.

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What are lab-grown diamonds?

Lab grown diamond engagement rings are fast-becoming a trend in the diamond market, with increased consumer interests in sustainability as well as a desire for larger, more impactful stones. Lab-grown or man-made diamonds are made in labs using a range of techniques.
Typically, a ‘diamond seed’, a very small part of a diamond, is used to grow a lab created diamond. These laboratories either replicate the high pressure and temperature found in the earth’s mantle where naturally-mined diamonds are formed, or they use superheated gas to grow the diamond. They’re often referred to using terms like cultured diamond, engineered diamond, man-made diamond or synthetic diamond.

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Are lab-grown diamonds real diamonds?

Sometimes a mined diamond is referred to as a ‘natural diamond’ or a ‘real diamond’ which is incorrect, as lab-grown diamonds carry an identical diamond crystal structure as a mined diamond–they should both be considered as a real, natural diamond.
Synthetic or cultured diamonds also shouldn’t be confused with a diamond simulant, like moissanite or cubic zirconia. A synthetic diamond carries an identical crystal structure and aesthetic to that of an earth-grown diamond, while simulants are gemstones that are not chemically identical to an earth-grown diamond and while they do result in a similar appearance, they should be categorized as diamond alternatives.

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Are they real diamond ?

Yes lab Grown diamond asre absolutly real. just like how test tube babies have a diffrent origin but are real humans, lab-grown diamonds are exactly identical to their earthen counterparts, chemically and physically bith. hence, they are 100% real diamonds.

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